Diversity Series 1 of 3: The Disability Continuum

Come and hangout with me on March 10th!

The Disability Continuum: The Importance of Accessibility and Inclusion in Organizations

Please come and join me at this workshop that I am presenting at on Wed, March 10, 2021! I am so excited to be apart of it. I will be presenting on my experience as a young woman with NMD. Not only will I be presenting, but so will also fellow friends from the SBY DAC (Disability Advisory Committee) - such as Dr. Jones, Mr. Dyer, and Mr. Thummalapalli!

My friend, Adith, also has NMD— and it will be so important to see a PoC speaking on his experience! Beyond him, you’ll get to see local organizations like my beloved Bay Center, UNA and The ARC! It will be a great time to learn about resources, opportunities and inclusion for non-profits. See you then!

It will take place from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST!

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“An interactive workshop that will take a deep dive into the world of living with disabilities. Participants will explore their personal experiences, perceptions and beliefs about disability, gain knowledge about common conditions, and receive information on a wealth of community resources.”


Dr. Katherine Jones of Bay Area CIL, Mike Dyer of United Needs & Abilities, Deena Kilmon of The ARC, Dominique Sessa, Salisbury Disability Advisory Committee Adith Thummalapalli, Salisbury Disability Advisory Committee.


  • Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore

  • United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore