INTRODUCING THE NEWSLETTER: musings on disability, advocacy + life

sprinkled in with daydreams, quirkiness and honesty

Welcome to this little space on the internet that will soon become a space in your inbox if you so desire it to be so.

I’m Dominique. 

Some of you likely know me from my website of the same name. Some of you may know me in real life or from my advocacy work. Some of you may not know me yet. In that case, I am excited that you are spending the time to get to know me. 

I suppose this is my chance to make a case of why I am cool, but unfortunately, I am not. I can tell you that I am a 20 something, disabled woman. I live in Maryland in a beautiful, albeit rural area, called the Eastern Shore. 

Words and I have a lifelong relationship. I love reading them, writing them, and arranging them. This newsletter was an idea that I considered for a long time. I wanted to find a way to be more personal, more transparent with my blog readers. I wanted to be more me, I suppose. I also wanted to find ways to focus on the things I loved-- like music, fellow disabled people (like disabled businesses or advocates), and topics relating to important issues. 

I figured there was no better time than 2021 to do this. Alas, here I am. For the sake of namesake traditions, this newsletter is named The Girl in The Pink Wheelchair, just like my website. I plan to write here weekly or biweekly. 

Please make sure to subscribe. It is exciting to take on this new writing adventure with you. My first newsletter will be coming out soon.

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